USC Football 2023 | Art Director & Visual Lead.
This is a selective collection of work accomplished as the Art Director & Visual lead for USC Football in 2023. Responsible for the development of a cohesive and compelling visual identity for USC Football across all marketing channels. Tasked with creating still and kinetic graphic design projects, including but not limited to social media graphics, promotional materials, and print/digital content. Balancing multiple projects simultaneously while working closely with photographers, videographers, and other creative professionals to create daily visually compelling and informative creative projects.  Experimenting with typography, textures, and design elements to create a distinctive and memorable aesthetic for USC Football—while meeting deadlines and consistently upholding the highest quality standard for all deliverables.
Photo credits: Rob Washington, John McGillen, Louis Chen, Cassie Flores Yra, and Kate Tsao.
Freelance Creative Directors: Sam Silverman & Jonathan Chaves. 
With the PAC-12 division in its final year, these graphics were created to kick off the season and embraced an alternative aesthetic. The Trojan Takeover Tour is a blend of sports and cultural influences, inspired by the grittiness of south-central LA and the resilient spirit of the West Coast music scene. Leading to collaborating with SnoopDogg and DeathRow Records, this unique direction captured the essence of USC football's environment while commemorating their PAC-12 farewell tour.
Continued digital social graphics and print advertisements.
Social Corusel Brand Collab with GQ & BR Kicks.
The WRLD WIDE XXV recruiting campaign for USC Football's class of 2025 marks a shift as the team transitions into the BIG TEN conference, taking the program to new heights. Embodying the global brand strength of USC, the campaign showcases the university's worldwide impact, signaling the most talented to join a legacy of champions on and off the field.
Logo Design Collaboration with Sammy Silverman. | | @SammySilv

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